Our Signature Sandwiches

Prices shown are Sandwich /  Sandwich Meal

Substitute bun for Jasmine Rice Base or Salad Base

BBQ Pulled Pork - $8.25 / $11.50

braised pulled pork, hoisin bbq sauce, garlic mayo, sliced onions, house slaw

Beef + Kimchi - $8.25 / $11.50

braised beef, sweet soy, house made kimchi, spicy Bap sauce, scallions

Chicken Marinara - $8.25 / $11.50 

roasted chicken, house made marinara, ricotta, sliced tomatoes, basil oil

Pho Beef Banh Mi - $8.25 / $11.50

braised beef, pho sauce, pickled veg, cucumber, garlic mayo, hoisin+sriracha, cilantro

Meatloaf Taco Night - $8.25 / $11.50

chorizo spiced meatloaf, house salsa, sliced onions, shredded  lettuce, ancho chili sauce

Karaage Family - $8.25 / $11.50

marinated + fried chicken, shredded lettuce, house pickles

Karaage Options:

Original w/ Spicy Mayo / Sriracha+Honey / Caribbean Jerk / Nashville Hot! / Buffalo Ranch

Vegetarian or Halal Options: see in restaurant for substitutions at no charge

Add Ons

Double Meat $3.50, Bacon $2, Fried Egg $1.25


All Sides are $4.95

Chicken Noodle

chicken, noodles, peas, carrots, celery, potatoes

Hearty Braised Beef Stew

beef, potatoes, carrots, celery, spices

Texas Chili

ground beef, veg, spices, topped with scallions + cheddar

Miso Minestrone

carrots, celery, potatoes, zucchini, edamame, wakame, miso

House Cut Fries

cut in-house, crispy and delicious

Chopped Kale Salad

green kale, raisins, shaved parmesan, slivered almonds

Choice of: Lemon Vinaigrette or Ranch Dressing

Just Karaage

fried chicken bites, side spicy mayo


Just Poutine - $6.50

classic beef gravy, cheese curds

Kimchi Bap - $6.50

garlic mayo, spicy Bap sauce, house made kimchi, scallions

BBQ Poutine - $6.50

hoisin BBQ sauce, garlic mayo, tangy slaw, scallions

All Day Breaky - $7.25

breakfast sausage, fried egg, cheddar cheese, beef gravy

Make it Braised - add $3.25

Add pulled pork, braised beef or roasted chicken to customize your poutine








Milkshakes + Sweets

Milkshakes - $5.95

Easy as Pie

made in house apple pie filling, house shortbread, vanilla ice cream, milk


oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, milk

Coffee + Cookies

cookies, vanilla ice cream, brewed coffee


biscuits, mascarpone, cocoa powder, brewed coffee

Chocolate Brownies

brownies, chocolate ice cream, milk

Strawberry Shortbread

house strawberry preserve, vanilla ice cream, house shortbread, milk

Thai Tea Milkshake

Thai black tea, spices, vanilla ice cream

Sweets - $3.95

1/2 Dozen Daily Cookies

Mini Brownies


- Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry Shortbread or Oreoeoeo

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