At Just Braise, we braise our pork for hours so that your every bite is succulent, moist and delicious. Since we take the added step of searing our braised pulled pork, we add a crispy exterior to the pork that adds more depth of flavour to your sandwich.


Day and night. That's how much time and love we put in to our braised and shaved beef. First we braise our beef in our house braising liquid for hours. Then it's cooled overnight allowing us to shave our braised beef for our sandwiches.


Roasted in a special house blend of spices, our roasted chicken is chopped by hand and seasoned so that every bite is perfect. Juicy roasted chicken; what more can we say?


Our sides were designed to enjoy alongside your sandwich to create a perfect meal. Our sides are also great for sharing with a friend or as a snack between meals.


All of our soups are made in house. Each one has been crafted to be enjoyed on its own or accompany your sandwich. Try one today!


Was there ever anything more indulgent? Unique concepts and styles will make you want to try a new one every time. We don't recommend trying them all at once of course; trust us, we've tried.


A sandwich shop making dessert? That's what Just Braise is all about. Creating a fun and unique dining experience where you should save room for dessert. We offer delectable and shareable items like brownies, cookies and fried to order ricotta donut bites.